LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week: Gift guides for practically every conceivable relationship on the planet.

Em & Lo's Sexy Holiday Gift Guide
Still don't know what to get your honey? Em & Lo are here with an incredibly sexy gift guide for the cheapskates and the big spenders alike.

What to Get Your Boyfriend For Christmas
A gift guide for those without a clue. Is he a sports nut or a music snob? YourTango has you covered.

I Set My Ex-Boyfriend Up on a Blind Date
One xoJane writer does the unthinkable and sets her ex up on blind dates. She's got courage.

How to Tell If It's Time to Break Up
got a panel of therapists to dish out some of the most practical (and tough-loving) advice.

A Book Gift Guide for Every Stage of a Relationship
Books are some of the most treasured, utilitarian, and personalized of gifts. You can say a lot with a well chosen novel. However, figuring out who gets Zadie Smith and who gets David Sedaris can get tricky. The Date Report explains all.

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Tech Obsessed Guy
The Frisky
has a gift guide too! Today's is for the gizmos and gadgets-inclined fellas out there.

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