LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week: How to end the year without losing your sex life.

The New Year's Issue
Em & Lo
supply everything you need to remind yourself how to give a proper NYE kiss.

Survive the Holidays Without Breaking Up
 delivers a hilarious guide to getting through these last few trying days of the year without breaking up, too. Especially written for those whose who are at their wit's end.

On the Rise: Nearly 14 Percent of Baby Boomers Have This STD
It's best to stay informed. The good news: it's very curable. News from YourTango.

13 Ways Guys Ask For Blowjobs (Without Actually Asking)
From the The Frisky. Pushing down on a woman's head is not so subtle.

Is Playboy a Feminist Issue?
One xoJane explores whether Playboy's reboot will please the feminists.

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