LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week: Why you need to hide your Oreos from a one-night-stand.

10 Requirements for a Sexy Bedroom
Em & Lo
want you to have the most comfortable sexy time you can have. They care about your sheets.

It's Science: Men Suffer From Lovesickness More Than Women
According to YourTango, men suffer from a broken heart more often than women. Big grain of salt there?

In the Future, Google Glass Will Help You Pick Up Guys at the Bar
In the future, we'll be able to see every online profile of the people we come across using facial recognition apps. Refinery29 advises you to get thee to a watering hole in order to make irresponsible, anonymous decisions while you still can. 

Hide Your Good Snacks and Other Rules For How to Have Casual Sex
A freakin' hilarious account of why casual sex is sort of overrated. From xoJane.

Life After Dating: 20 Not-So-Nice “Firsts” Of A Long-Term Relationship
The Frisky
has compiled a list of things you absolutely do not look forward to in a long-term relationship, but they are milestones none the less.

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