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Top 10 Women Under 40 Who Push Back

Via Em & Lo, this is a great year-end roundup of ten radical women under forty. Our personal favorite on this list will (or any other, really) will forever be Beth Ditto, the self-proclaimed "fat dyke from Arkansas," the kind of take-no-prisoners hell-raiser we wish we could all be, if we weren't such babies.

Meet Rizzo Ford: Nice Jewish Girl, Porn Star

Perennial Tumblr favorite James Deen is not the only super-Jewish porn star out there! No, there's also Rizzo Ford, who sports a tattoo of the mystical Jewish talisman the hamsa on her chest. Enjoy her hilariously candid interview over at Heeb — she makes reference to having "butt-sex in a Bedouin tent" during her birthright trip!

Gift Guide for Your Depressed Friends

Nothing says "good friend" like giving someone presents keyed-in to the emotional rollercoaster that is the winter months! Now, thanks to Thought Catalog, you can do just that. Gift suggestions range from a pair of sweatpants, for your friend who's recently given up on their appearance, to Synecdoche, New York because "there is no happiness here." (Obviously, if your friend is really depressed, don't give them a copy of Synecdoche, New York. No good will come of that.)

He Killed Laura Palmer: A Talk With Twin Peaks Co-Creator Mark Frost

Via Portable and Nerve contributor Sean Morrow, this is a great interview with the man who co-helmed arguably the cult television show of our time. Pro-tip: as Sean divulges, sometimes, the key to getting a difficult celebrity interview is revealing to him that you have the same birthday. 

Navigating the Diverse, Difficult Musical Career of Scott Walker

Scott Walker is one of pop music's most challenging artists. For all the swooning beauty of his early albums, there's just as much commercial pabulum and purposefully difficult avant-noise. Thankfully, the nerds diligent music scholars over at The AV Club are here for you. They've waded through What Should Not Be Waded Through to give you this well-balanced cross-section of Walker's long and varied career. Play it cool, and Saran Wrap all you can. You can freeze, like a 30th-century man.