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This week: What actually goes on at a sex party?

The Top 5 Reasons Why Sex Makes You Smarter
Em & Lo explain all the scientific ways why sex and intelligence go hand in hand. As if we needed another excuse.

Beyoncé Pens An Article For The Shriver Report: "Gender Equality Is A Myth"
If the queen deems is true, then it must be true. When not raising a wildly beautiful baby or releasing surprise hit records, Beyoncé is dropping knowledge about gender disparities in America. What! Thanks, The Frisky.

Sex Parties: What REALLY Happens
Past Nerve writer Claire Litton-Cohn gives a brutally honest account of what really goes down at a sex party over at Refinery29.

Is It Still Okay To Like Alleged Child Molester Woody Allen?
Vice's Megan Koester asks the tough, complicated question we should all be asking ourselves when we call the Blue Jasmine director a true genius.

The Time I Found Out I Was Somebody's Trophy Date
An xoJane writer explores the very frightening world of being used entirely for your good looks.

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