LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week: Naughty gift sets and why taking selfies might actually be healthy.

The Best Naughty Valentine's Gift Sets
Em & Lo have put together the perfect Valentine's gift sets for every stage of your sexual relationship. Novice or expert, there's something for everyone's bedroom.

Take Our Annual "Breakup" Survey & Enter to Win $200
Need a few greens or simply ready to spill on your most recent devastations of the heart? YourTango has you covered.

Check Out Dove's New Real Beauty Short Film "Selfie"
At The Frisky, watch Dove's latest attempt at showing normal human beings how beautiful they can be. There's a reason we all take flattering selfies, and Dove's zoning in on that. It's a campaign we can get behind.

I Warned My Ex's New Girlfriend About His History of Emotional Abuse and Addiction, But Should I Have?
One xoJane writer asks a tough question. What's our moral obligation to protect our ex's new love interests from the same pitfalls we made?

16 Single Ladies on How to Love Being Solo
Refinery29 serves up a slideshow we could all use before the Valentine's haze: why it's totally okay and even fun to be single. These 16 gorgeous women will remind you why being alone isn't the worst thing that can happen.

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