LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week: Forget Zimbio. This is the most irreverent Disney princess quiz we could find.

Guy Talk: 7 Songs I Refuse to Listen to During Sex
The Frisky's Kale Bogdanovs makes an argument for why you actually shouldn't play the sexiest songs during the sexiest time.

9 Valentine's Day Gifts For Her (That You'll Love Too)
Skip the flowers, get a hotel room. From YourTango

Vagina Weight Lifting Is Real
For $500 you could do Vaginal Kung Fu. Here's a video explaining why you would want to be jacked below the belt, but if you ask us, the jury is still out. Thanks, Refinery29.

Many Women Have Misconceptions About Fertility
The NY Daily News highlights an incredibly frightening study. No, ladies, doing it on top has nothing to do with how likely it is you'll become pregnant.

Which Disney Princess Are You?
Before you wonder why we're linking to a quiz about princesses, let me inform you that none other than the wonderful Em & Lo have created this hilarious, irreverent take on the Disney Princess trope. Cinderella may have schizophrenia. 

Image via Disney.