LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week: the tiny hamster that conquered the internet.

What Kind of Feminist Are You: Miley, Beyonce, or Pharrell?
According to Em & Lo's celebrity feminist types, I'm a Pharrell.

Facebook Removes 40-Year-Old Woman’s Boudoir Photo For Being “Obscene”
This woman written about by The Frisky is cool, and whoever reported her Facebook photos for "violating community standards" is a wack person.

Stoya On Erotica & Pain After Sex
The sex advice Stoya gives on Refinery29 is just plain good advice.

Tiny Hamster Eats Tiny Burrito, World Swoons
If you haven't seen this yet, do yourself a favor. It's maybe the perfect viral video. Presented here from Death & Taxes.

The Ghostwriters of Online Dating: A Q&A with the Man who Created Personal Dating Assistants
Very interesting Washington Post interview with a mysterious OkCupid ghostwriter.

Image via Youtube.