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This week: Pussy Riot vs. Jesus' face in toast vs. #Blessed

It's Normal to See Jesus in Your Toast
If I were to comment on this Newser story about how are brains are wired to see faces where they aren't, I would say that my favorite religious apparition is Our Lady of Clearwater.

True Story: I’m A Travel Writer Who Has Never Had A Vacation Hookup
"Sometimes it does feel weird to be in the most romantic places in the world by myself," says the lonesome traveler on The Frisky.

12 Lingerie Looks We Dare You To Try
This Refinery29 slideshow sits at the intersection of fetish and fashion. 

Tabloid Headlines Without the Sexism
I think if Joe Veix from Death & Taxes and I sat down and thought about, we could come up with better jokes than these.

Discovered Awesome New Anal Lube #Blessed
Em & Lo takes the annoying #blessed hashtag to its logical conclusion.

Pussy Riot Visits NYC Jail to Support Occupy Wall Street Hero
Mashable covers Pussy Riot's trip to Rikers to visit American political prisoner Cecily McMillan.

Image via Ashley Codianni