LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week: the mile-high club.

13 Celebs Who Are in the Mile-High Club
Liam Neeson had sex on a plane, according to Newser. He also has a penis like an "Evian bottle."

The Weirdest “Sex” Photos from Getty Images, Part 1
Amusingly creepy stuff on Em & Lo.

PurrVerse: The NYPD Now Limits Using Condoms As Evidence Of Sex Work — But This Issue Is Far From Over
Great explainer on The Frisky about how far we are from actually taking care of vulnerable sex workers.

This Trans* Couple Photographed Their Changing Relationship — & Genders
Remarkable, intimate photo series on Refinery29.

How Dirty Is Your Mind?
Everyone at Nerve got 36/36 on this Buzzfeed quiz.

The Functions of ‘Um,’ ‘Like,’ ‘You Know’
Pacific Standard explains that the much-maligned Valley Girl filler words are actually markers of processing complex thought, you know?

Image via cheelah.