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This week: Seth MacFarlane is not made of bees.

Jennifer Lawrence, Brooke Shields, a Power Ranger: We Talked Crushes with Arturo Castro of ‘Broad City’
Full disclosure: I wrote this Famously interview with Broad City's Jaime. But I didn't make it so awesome. That's just how it happened.

The 5 Stages of Sexual Grief
Half funny, half 'ouch' guide to bad sex, from Em & Lo.

10 Indie Artists You Should Be Listening To, Like, Yesterday
I agree with this roundup on The Frisky, especially w/r/t Phantogram.

The Side Of The Trans Experience We DON'T Hear
From Refinery29: "It is not the cis-centric narratives themselves that I take issue with, but rather the prioritization of these narratives over stories of the actual marginalized population here, which in the case of transsexuals, in particular trans-women, means a population that generally lacks positive role models and protagonists of our own."

The Rumpus Interview with Janet Mock
Fascinating interview on The Rumpus with the trans activist about her recent memoir, Redefining Realness

A Day In The Life of Seth MacFarlane, Human Male (Definitely Not A Swarm of Hyper-Alert Bees and A Metal Jaw)
This fake script on The Toast making fun of the Family Guy dude made me laugh harder than anything else this week.

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