LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week: radical boob acceptance.

Watching Porn Linked to Brain Differences
"Pornography consumption bears resemblance with reward-seeking behavior, novelty-seeking behavior, and addictive behavior," reports Newser.

Love Your Boobs, Everybody Else Does
The Frisky preaches radical boob acceptance, and it's terrific!

The Weirdest “Sex” Photos from Getty Images, Part 2 (NSFW)
Em & Lo found some very off-putting images. Creepy stuff.

Is This Habit Making Women Hate You?
According to Refinery29, be who you are, except if who you are is someone with a sexy baby voice.

How to Tell Someone’s Age When All You Know Is Her Name
FiveThirtyEight figured out that the median age for someone with my name is 3, which makes me feel weird. 

The Strange, Preachy, Profitable Saga of Billy Jack
Billy Jack is a movie from 1971 that my mom loved when she was a teenager. Once she rented it to watch with me. We got about halfway through, and she said, "this movie is not how I remembered it. It's terrible." The Dissolve's Nathan Rabin explores this cinematic oddity.

Image via dana robinson.