LILFS: Links I’d Like To…

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Adults Can Read Whatever The Hell They Want

Slate was talkin’ shit about YA, and Sarah Benincasa sets them straight on The Frisky

The 12 Worst Songs To Have Sex To

Refinery29 says “Orinoco Flow” is a bad sex song, but I disagree, based on personal experience.

TV’s Most Important Political Debate Is Happening Right Now on Orphan Black

Thoughtful essay from TV Guide on feminism in the BBC sci-fi cult hit.

I Confronted Donald Trump In Dubai

Molly Crabapple from VICE¬†commits journalism right in Donald Trump’s mushy face.

Behind The Burt’s Bees Logo: Meet The Unlikely Beekeeper Who Became The Face Of A Global Brand

Co.Exist just told me that not only is Burt from Burt’s Bees real, he’s the bearded logo guy! And he’s a Maine hermit! The world is a crazy place.