LILFS: Links I’d Like To…

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Fetish Fitness With A Dominatrix Takes “No Pain, No Gain” Literally (NSFW)

“Nipples clamps on the row machine might not be everyone’s idea of a workout, but for these ‘pain sluts,’ it kills two birds with one stone,” from The Frisky.

Grimes Hits The Dance Floor For Her New Track

Grimes wrote a song for Rihanna, but Rihanna didn’t take it, so Grimes released it herself. It’s terrific. Listen to it on Refinery29.

10 Ways to Sexify Your Gratitude Journal

Em & Lo has advice, if you’re interested.

‘Hot Felon’ Jeremy Meeks Is the Perfect Encapsulation of All the Internet’s Problems

“There is a sort of casual dehumanization inherent whenever ‘the Internet’ — that is, us — turns a real live person into a hashtag or a punchline,” writes The Washington Post’s Caitlin Dewey.

inAPPropriate Comedy’ Is Where Laughs Go to Die

I am always impressed by The Dissolve’s Nathan Rabin’s ability to watch such terrible movies and write about it them entertainingly.