LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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Irony alter! Beetles killed the Beatles. The George Harrison memorial tree, that is. The LA landmark reported fell this week due to an untamable infestation. Beetlemania?

FOMO is so last season. The newest “it” initialism that is probably not that important, but we feel the need to write about, it is: MoMo (no, not the dumplings), the “mystery of missing out.”

Apparently, Swedish DJ Avicii is about to team up with folks that were putting out hit albums before he was even born. Green Day, Bon Jovi, System of a Down, and Coldplay. This will be interesting.

rsIn things that should’ve been thought of years ago, a Facebook app that helps you not end up with a psycho-crazy college roommate that cuts their toenails on the common room couch and steals all your Cool Ranch Doritos.

And also, a penis drawing machine. You’re welcome.