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Top 15 Celebrities Who Are Into Kink

Em & Lo provide us with this rundown of the kinkiest celebrities, or at least the most publicly kinky ones. Did you know Jack Black, Tommy Lee, and Dita Von Teese all have a thing for feet? Well, to be more accurate, Black and Lee both enjoy worshipping feet, and Von Teese enjoys having hers worshipped. Of course, look at her. We'd worship any part of her body she wants.

Curse Of My Birthing Hips

From Salon and Laura Bogart, "Curse of My Birthing Hips" is a thoughtful study of the conflation of body issues and motherhood. "I first heard that I had childbearing hips before I even got my first period," Bogart writes. "It's difficult being a woman who avowedly doesn't want children; and that only gets worse when people feel comfortable assessing your qualifications for motherhood based on your figure.

2012's Best Entertainment Photography

Vulture brings us this great roundup of 2012's high-concept celebrity photo spreads. You've got George Clooney in the shower, Jennifer Lawrence cuddling a peacock — what more do you want?

Down With Big Gun

Over at Gawker, Drew Magary brings up a great, often-overlooked point in the gun-control debate. CEOs from a wide swath of industries are often pressed into public apologies over errant tweets, but how many people know who the CEO of Sig Sauer is? 

To Revert Breast Cancer Cells, Give Them The Squeeze

Play with your boobs! It's therapeutic! It's science, we swear.