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Getting laid at the gym, what yoga means for your sex life, and so much more in this week's best of the web…

How To Get Laid at the Gym
From Vice, here's your handy guide to combining your soon-to-be-broken New Year's resolution (go to the gym!) with your never-to-be-broken resolution (get laid!). Step one: aloofness never helped anybody. "Most guys approach the gym like Clint Eastwood walking into a shootout: they want to be alone, they want to be very serious, and they'll kill anyone who comes near them. That is the exact opposite of the attitude you need if you want to score some gym-toned ass."

Most Frequently Rejected Entries In The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest
"Since 2005, The New Yorker has devoted the last page of every issue to the Cartoon Caption Contest. There readers can find a distinctive New Yorker cartoon and a challenge to write its hilarious caption." Via Thought Catalog. Our favorite is "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to put this much love back in our marriage."

The Real Reasons Why Yoga Improves Your Sex Life
Via Em & Lo, if you're not able to commit to a more… severe gym routine, here's five great reasons to pick up yoga. When you're comparing yoga class to cardio kickboxing at your gym, remember that only one of them increases blood flow to your pelvis. 


Via XO Jane, something to remember for those of you considering taking the plunge: "My marriage has been fabulous so far. Nevertheless, my engagement can go fuck itself. "
The Domestic Partnership of Convenience
Via New York Magazine, the new mating ritual of the urban young people: the domestic partnership. Actually, we're not being snide: did you know that for $35, a co-signed lease, and a joint checking account with at least $1,200 in it, you can enter into a domestic partnership that will entitle your partner to share your health benefits? And also your love. But mostly the health benefits. All snark aside, this is a really great look at one more thing changing the landscape of modern marriage.