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I am a sucker for wet plate photography, and in this age of Instagram photos and SLRs, some photographers are making a pilgrimage back to Victorian roots. Tom Standage and his wife Kirstin had one mission: spend the weekend taking photos using a 150-year-old method. The results are magnificent in that accidental-art way.

From the Byrds to Loretta Lynn to the good ole Beatles, these are the 40 albums that changed the world by changing our industry.

Boyhood is topping almost every “Best of…” list this year, and with good reason. IFC just released a ten-minute making-of documentary to leave you feeling just a little less ambitious about your own artistic endeavors. What Richard Linklater calls “a simple idea, really.”

What do you get for the man (or woman) who has nothing this holiday season? Kelly Stout counts down through the Christmas staples: “Skim Milk, Half-Gallon Carton, $2.44. He doesn’t need to be a foodie to know that off-brand cereal from the bodega below his apartment will taste a lot better with milk than it does with water.”

You wanted it: The complete oral history of Boogie Nights.

As is with a lot of Saturday Night Live sketches, the most subversive and entertaining was cut from last week’s episode. In this deleted sketch, Ferguson morning show anchors struggle to change the subject.