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My friend told me I would “shit myself and die” when I read this profile on Emerson Spartz, the Internet-media entrepreneur and millionaire who sits at the helm of over thirty non-unified viral-seeking sites. You know, the ones with oversized share buttons on the top, filled with chaotic links and click-bait. “I think his stuff is indicative of where digital media is headed,” says one of his chief investors. My friend was right.

Chris Kilham travels the world searching for new pharmaceuticals and exotic plants. Here’s his video guide to drinking ayahuasca, the psychedelic beverage. According to Kilham, the sludgy substance tastes every bit as bad as it looks. Yum.

Your tendency to feel guilty might tell a lot about how you are in relationships — so says science.

Photographer Matthew Lief Anderson uses his otherwise forgotten travel photos to create ultra surreal, sci-fi like collages. One landscape from one trip is superimposed upon another. His fascinating collection is a great argument for holding onto even your dud shots.

Why did 2014 feel like such a shitty, shitty year? Facebook and the sky-is-falling socio-psychological conditions social media creates may have a lot to do with how you interpret what’s actually going on around you.

Psst — that delicious, irresistible garlic smell takes a tour of your entire body before it actually lands in your mouth.

Do you need to read that exclusive interview with Serial’s ever-elusive star witness Jay? Oh most definitely. Then get back to me.