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In the year 2015, Meredith Haggerty predicts, you are going to finally quit network TV. After all, High Maintenance is available on Vimeo.

Even those with really high IQs might still be kind of idiots. Find out if you’re a cognitive miser with these tricky cognitive tests. (Ugh, I was a cognitive miser.)

French photographer Elodie Bambi Tann documents the hidden world of young adult nightlife with his stunning photos.

Why aren’t people out protesting in Topeka? Burlington? Phoenix? It might be the design of the city. Animal New York investigates what makes New York City’s urban design ripe for civil disobedience.

Have you checked out Kanye and Paul McCartney’s new track? I’m really not sure how I feel.

There are few authors quite as engaging or endearing on social media as Margaret Atwood. She hosted a delightful Reddit AMA in which she discussed how disconcerting it is for her speculative fiction to become a reality and admits she doesn’t write every day.

What are we doing to ourselves when we over-rant about mundane things on the Internet? Jonathan Shainin discusses:

The experience of watching people interact on the internet last year was often depressing beyond measure: occasionally because the events being narrated were awful; more often because the responses to the events were awful; more often still because the responses to the responses were awful; and most of all because if you take a step back from the whole thing, you see yourself sitting alone in front of a computer, willingly submitting day after day to the logic of a machine apparently designed to make you angry and sad and alienated.