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Canada-based photographer Alyssa Katherine Faoro creates rich, frenetic photos of nude dancers against vibrant backdrops. In her wonderful, enlivening series, it’s evident that she doesn’t welcome any forced posing. NSFW, though that should go without saying.

What do Serial, Ferguson, and the recent Rolling Stone UVa kerfuffle have in common? A total and unchecked reliance on human memory. Let’s take a look at the follies of memory, public surveillance, and trauma.

Friends don’t let friends believe that absinthe has truly ever made anyone hallucinate. Van Gogh had other reasons for the whole cutting off his ear thing.

God bless The Second City for creating “Ladies Looking.”

“Excuse me while I kiss this guy.” “There’s a bathroom on the right.” “Drunk driving, then you wail” — perhaps you’ve misheard these lyrics before. That’s because hearing is a two part process, auditory and cognitive. You hear mondegreens (misheard phrases and words that are absolutely nowhere close to the original intended meaning) partly because of context and partly because John Fogerty slurs most consonants sounds.

Throughout history, Hollywood has had express difficulty capturing kisses on screen. Mushy faces, hair, and unflattering expressions are all in the mix.

Pornography, among other things, is a great avenue of innovation. In order to protest recently passed legislation that restricts certain sex acts in UK-produced porn, frisky demonstrators are meeting outside Parliament this Friday for a face-sit-in. Not only will they fight against repressive and sexist restrictions, but they also plan to break the Guinness record for longest time spent sitting on a face. Which raises the question of who already holds that record…

Rappers have been spitting fire at cops for the past three decades, so where are the crime narratives in today’s hip hop?