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What saved the vinyl industry — arguably the most redundant and kinda cool business? Record Store Day.

What happens when your boyfriend gets a tattoo of your name on his lower abdomen right when you’re about to break up with him? This writer, unfortunately, lived through that.

Someone remixed the Serial theme song with Notorious B.I.G. and it’s absolutely fantastic. It beats the “Wrecking Ball” mash up. By the way, how’d you feel about the ending? Rabia Chaudry was severely disappointed.

NPR’s Terry Gross takes us through Stephen Colbert’s 10 year run as the lovable blowhard on The Colbert Report. Throughout their many interviews Colbert drops his character and reveals some of his favorite moments on the show and talks about his journey to becoming a political satirist. Well worth the listen of you’re looking to soothe your goodbye Colbert Report blues. This is how The Colbert Report ended:

Just call E.J. Dickson Santa. The Daily Dot has a lovely gift guide for every high tech sex toy that is worth it, including couples vibes, remotely controlled vibrators, and yes, a bionic dildo.

The Instagram CEO rounds up his favorite users (just a couple out of all 300 million of them.) Our favorite might be Jon Lowenstein.

Photographer David Strick went behind the scenes Blade and Deep Impact to reveal what sets look like when the cameras stop rolling.