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Photographer Monique Jacot studied under modernist photographer Gertrude Fehr, was a member of the Magnum Photos community, and worked as a photojournalist for the World Health Organization. Her myriad disciplines shine throughout her varied work, but in all of her photos of 20th century life, she uses the camera like a paintbrush.

If you are looking for an excuse for a third hot toddy, wintertime is the best time for public intoxication. So says this visualization of the drunkest days of every year.

Karley Sciortino answers the ever-present question in all of our lives: why are we so attracted to artists?:

Well, creativity is hot; art openings are glamorous and have free drinks; artists represent freedom, and are rebellious, sensitive, and “psychotic in a good way,” as an art groupie friend of mine once put it. But this is an idealized, and perhaps glamorized, portrait of the artist, but it’s not the whole story.

In a near-perfect sketch, SNL takes on the mystery of Kris Kringle, an elf who claims to deliver toys to every single household in the world on Christmas. Sarah Koenig talks to Kris for one whole year and investigates it, Serial-style. Then there’s the Nisha call.

Writer Stephen Crave looks into the seductive yet absurd belief that fame brings with it immortality. The pursuit of fame has always been about obtaining something much larger than ourselves— here are its historic roots.

If you don’t think you are completely average, boring, or even extremely ordinary, please take a look at these photos.

Novelist Paul Auster has some choice words about the current state of New York City: