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If Cosmo and The Onion had a baby, it would be this.

Jeremy Meeks, aka Hot Felon, declined to allow That’s My Face to make a one-off action figure of him. Because that, unlike his modeling contract based off of a mug shot, would be tacky.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer ruin your childhood by calling Screech a dick. To be honest, he kind of had it coming with that whole sex tape business. Also the book.

If you’ve never had Disco Fever and would like to try it out, The New Yorker has got you covered with these amazing pics from the ’70s that make you wanna boogy-oogy-oogy.

I’ll take “Things I Thought Said ‘Underwear'” for $300 Alex. To be honest, an underwear drone is much scarier than an underwater one. But that’s just me.