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Artist Junior Fritz Jacquet has created the best thing to happen to empty toilet paper rolls since telescopes and finger puppets.

California is introducing a robotic butler named Botlr at Aloft hotel. They saw the pun opportunity, and took it.

Daniel Radcliff tries his hands at a rom-com and apparently nails it. The Atlantic says “What If proves the traditional formula still resonates, with a slight modification: by portraying that old rom-com standby, true love, as a lifestyle choice.”

Prostitution rates around the world are dropping, with a female prostitute averaging $80 less than 8 years ago. Experts believe it has to do with the Internet, both in ease of access to cheaper outlets for sex, and the anonymity of it.

Spike Jonze is directing a one-act play, written by Jonah Hill. For fashion brand Opening Ceremony to be performed during New York Fashion Week. It will likely be weird.

Lauren Bacall died yesterday at the age of 89. Watch her at her best in To Have and Have Not and fall in love with her, all over again.