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Artist Shaina Stigler has decided that the ’80s need to come back. Her first installment in NYC’s G subway line will showcase the lights, sounds, and bad fashion of the 1980s.

The inventor of the internet pop up ad is sorry for doing that to you. Really, truly sorry.

GQ counts down the most underrated (female) nude scenes in film history, starting with the first documented moment of female nipple on TV.

Here’s a really cool infographic that depicts the unused (and potentially haunted) underground subway stations in London. It also tallies the different uses of the stations throughout the years, from serving as shelter in WWII to being a filming location for V for Vendetta.

This is your skin, as the sun sees it. Using a UV camera, artists Thomas Leveritt shows passersby what they’re skin looks like solely based on UV rays. He then shows how sunscreen truly does make a difference.