Links I’d Like To…

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American Apparel made a spandex-clad baby step towards equality by hiring a female board member.

A cool new condom with lube that kills viruses such as HPV, HIV, and herpes will soon be available in Australia. There’s a “down-under” joke in there somewhere, I’m sure.

Guy goes to the hospital for a circumcision, ends up getting more than he bargained for. Or really, less.

The groundbreaking film Boyhood, which premiered this month, explores literally 12 years in the life of a young boy. But what if it was a girl?

Controller of time and space, Vladamir Putin, does away with Daylight Savings because all Russian needs is more winter.

And if you feel like (re)living your suburban mom fantasies while at work, here’s the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer that has only two things going for it: an exclusive remix of “Crazy in Love” and lots of well-fitting suits.