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Here are 10 emoji tattoos that you really hope are fake but unfortunately aren’t.

Twenty-five years later, how the Pete Rose betting scandal defined baseball’s seedy and greedy history.

Misogyny takes over the gaming industry with seemingly no end in sight.

According to a new paper from the Journal of Women’s Health, women who read and enjoyed¬†Fifty Shades of Grey¬†are more likely to engage in a relationship with an abusive partner.

Annoying news of the day: “Sex Box,” a show that is literally couples having sex in a box in front of an audience, got the green light for WE TV, but Love is Strange, an amazing movie about a gay couple’s longterm relationship that does not feature sex, violence, or drug use, got an R rating. Good job, guys!

Colin Furze, DIY-er of everything from Wolverine’s claws to turbo jet engines, made a steel suit and stood in the middle of fireworks.