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If you wanted some pun-derful, slightly inspirational quotes, check out this artist’s Instagram.

Looking back at “The Metrosexual” and what it means today.

VICE looks into why historians are so prudish about their research into the sex lives of ancient cultures, regardless of the myriad large-breasted, amply-hipped statues and graphic pantings they have uncovered.

This artists carved¬†hyperrealistic statues of humans out of wood¬†that look like models that have been painted on. They’re staring into my soul.

An alphabetical list of the 123 worst musicians of all time. Because Beck is the sonic equivalent to a fedora.

If you’d like to get your foot in the door in the weed industry, there’s now an app that can help you do just that., which posts marijuana-related job postings from 23 different states, is here to make sure you become the drug dealer you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Here are a bunch of celebrities in commercials before they were famous: