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This is a plant that is used as a narcotic drug by over 20 million people around the world, and yet, you’ve never heard of it.

An amazing, insanely dense, well-sorted look into the sex toy industry.

Model Andreja Pejic is launching a Kickstarter to create a documentary telling her story. “I hope that by sharing my humanity, pain, tears, laughter, joy, and biggest struggles on film, it will shed light on what it means to live as a transgender individual,” Pejic says on the campaign’s page.

Cinema, like society, is always evolving. From everything from the color of the lighting to the amount of camera motion, movies are changing. And that’s a good thing.

Female comic readers and artists who are being mocked and their existence discredited do the only thing they know how to: read and create. With the hashtag #GirlsDontReadComicsBeacause, Gail Simone, one of DC comics’ main artists, held an uprising of large (and hilariously poignant) proportion.