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In millennial news of the day, 20-somethings are actually out-reading other generations. Compared to 79 percent of people older than 30, 88 percent of millennials have read a book in the last year. Yay reading!

Even though net neutrality may negatively impact internet journalism, it’s ultimately a good thing for the Web.

OK GO claims that Apple’s intro video for yesterday’s livestream of the iPhone 6 was copied from them.

Here are 9 sort of ridiculous documentaries that you need to see that include everything from zoophiles¬†to a man being mauled by bears, if you’re into that sort of thing.

An official version of male birth control will be on the market by 2017. Vasalgel, which is a single-treatment, non-hormonal, reversible birth control treatment was created over 15 years ago in India and has been in clinical trials ever since.

James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem got innovative with the US Open. Taking data from the tennis matches and remixing them, he created a whole set of new songs that you need to hear.