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These are the “mildly-convenient” super powers we all wish we had.

Will we soon see polygamy parades in major cities? Some people think that the next movement after LGBT will be polygamous marriages.

This is how much $1,500 in rent¬†will get you around the US. Looks like we’re moving to Montana.

Cult-followed movie The Room now has a porn parody called The Bed Room (clever). I wonder if bad acting + bad acting = okay porno.

Apparently, you have to be female to buy Plan B in NYC. In a new experiment done by Columbia University, men of differing ages went to pharmacies across Washington Heights, East Harlem, and Upper East Side and 20% of the time were denied, even after explaining that the condom broke.

These are the 50 greatest songs about having a crush on someone. If you were in a pinch to make a killer mix CD, here’s your chance.