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Subtle Dildo, a Where’s Waldo? of sorts, is an art project that is next in line for ridiculous web trends. But, it’s really more than that. It’s an exploration into society’s awkwardness surrounding sex.

The Star-Spangled Banner turned 200 this weekend and if you didn’t know that the melody was actually from a British song that condoned drinking and sex, than you’re not American.

China has created a Cell Phone Lane for people texting while walking. Similar to a Bike Lane, it will attempt to reduce any collisions from people not paying attention about where they’re walking. Here’s another idea: they could also just pay attention to where they’re walking.

By comparing stats like total number of thefts, number of violent crimes, and number of fast food restaurants per capita, geographers from Kansas State University found out which part of the US suffers from which deadly sin. Jeez, get it together Florida.

This is how Sesame Street does Star Wars: