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Two awesome teenage girls made a video game about the ridiculousness of trying to find a tampon. It showcases two separate taboos: girls who can build video games and, of course, menstruation.

Apparently 10% of Americans get high before they go to work. I don’t know about you, but staring at a computer screen for eight hours and not watching Broad City while consuming string cheese does sound like tough work.

Texas is proposing changing textbooks to deny manmade climate change being a real thing. Because, Texas.

This is a list of the 50 worst movies ever made. Most of them were made in the ’80s, so I guess that says something about filmmaking in that decade, except forĀ The Happening because well, you know.

Sex expert Dr. Jennifer Berman stopped by Conan and explained the ins and outs (heh) of giving a prostate massage. Not only do you get great information, you get to watch Conan look incredibly uncomfortable.