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An incredible exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago will feature a chronicle of work from David Bowie. “David Bowie Is” opens today and will have over 300 artifacts, from hand written lyrics to stage costumes, from Bowie’s personal collection.

It’s 2014 and school districts are still banning books. Celebrate your favorite illicit reads by cracking open a Harry Potter or two for Banned Books Week.

If you’ve ever wanted to keep track of how long those things you weren’t going to do anyway but begrudgingly complete because you’re “an adult, Mom, and can take care of myself” are going to take, there’s a template for that.

To nude selfie, or not to nude selfie, that is the question.

Shoot to the Moon, a new documentary that is being directed by Brooklyn filmmaker Benajmin Harrison, depicts the immense tale of people attempting to build an elevator to outer space.