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This is an amazing illustrated guide to help you appreciate different cultures, instead of appropriating them. We’re looking at you, Urban Outfitters.

Pornhub now has a record label, for some reason.

Here’s a list of 10 anti-gay activists who were actually in the closet. From politicians to reverends, it seems to be a running theme.

Ello, the newest social media outlet to hit the web, is attracting LGBTQ users by not having the “real name” policy¬†that Facebook has. And, if your newsfeed is any indication, it’s definitely catching on.

Apparently, the new iPhone’s health app is ignoring important health stats for female bodied individuals. It can track everything important including blood pressure, BAC, biotin levels, and body fat percentage, but when it comes to menstruation, it completely ignores it. Guess they’re going to have to rely on the moon cycles, again.

If you don’t know about the Sam Pepper-total-creep thing, vlogger Laci Green breaks it down for you.