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Photographer Nicholas Nixon has been taking photographs of the Brown sisters for the past 40 years. This year, he takes his collection to the Museum of Modern Art, where the most recent 2014 photograph will be on display in what is an impressive and probing examination of aging and family.

How many of us experienced our sexual initiations in an AOL chatroom with an anonymous IMer named sexxiiidolphin33? Writer E.J. Dickson shares the very first cyber sex of her life in this special NSFW issue of The Kernel.

This is the first ever feature interview with Pewdiepie, the world’s biggest YouTube star you’ve probably never heard of.

How a young artist can be seduced by attention.

This theme song will help subdue some of your Saul Goodman withdrawals. It will also get stuck in your head.

As Jerry Seinfeld accepts a Clio Award this year for ads, his acceptance speech takes a sharp, deadpan turn. He explains the trick of advertising: “We are a hopeful species. Stupid but hopeful.”