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Take a look inside the magical world of Greenpoint artists’ studios.

Medium asked 10 women in eight countries to record every instance of catcalling in one week. The results? Internationally, women are catcalled the most when they are alone and especially when they’re commuting. What’s the eyefucking capital of the world? Sadly, it looks like Mexico City.

What’s it really like to film a sex scene? Recently released footage from the set of the new film Stretch reveals that it involves a lot of meaningful eye contact, directors yelling about ‘fucking,’ and a spray bottle filled with fake sweat.

The writer Scott Gilmore, self-professed member of the old boys’ club, explains why he will never ever speak on an all-male panel again.

When we put up a review on RateMyProfessor (or Yelp or Seamless), we tend to forget that as we type haphazard, word-vomitty comments like “He was soooo cute. He kind of reminded me of an elf. But maybe the elf from the Santa Clause movie,” or “Worst teacher on the planet. Ruined my idea of contemporary American society,” there is actually somebody on the other end who will read them. And think about them. And reflect on them. Namely, the teacher in question. Professors from the University of Alabama got together to read through the very best and worst of their RateMyProfessor reviews to bring a little touch of humanity (perhaps decency?) to the whole practice: