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Go inside a day in the life of an Oktoberfest beer maid: “The only reason not to work Oktoberfest is being pregnant or having a broken leg.” Now that’s dedication.

This is the new economy of the oldest profession.

In a recently released study, it was found that the common characteristics of a near-death experience include: heightened senses, peacefulness, a feeling that the world is slowing down or speeding up. The big white light, however, is less common.

It’s not the Cosmos, but in 1990, Carl Sagan wrote a compelling pitch for an American TV show about drugs.

Because we too squealed with delight at the announcement that cult classic Twin Peaks would be picked up again, this ranking of all 118 sweaters seen in the television series is a welcome triumph. Damn good coffee and damn good sweaters.

If you simply can’t wait until your next acid trip, check out Beautiful Chemistry, a place where reactions and crystallization are filmed in 4K UltraHD: