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This past summer, the village of Erriadh on the Tunisian island of Djerba became a major hub for street art, thanks to the efforts of artist Mehdi Ben Cheikh and the Galerie Itinerrance. Over 150 artists from 30 different countries came together to make the streets a public gallery. Check out more from the extraordinary collection at My Modern Met.

Along with the National Transgender Center for Equality, Vocativ created an interactive map that displays transgender rights state-by-state. The healthcare map alone proves that we still have a long, long way to go.

Without the work of music archivists, the history of music — from Elvis to R&B — would decay before our very eyes.

Pitchfork talks to Dhani Harrison, Weezer, and Real Estate about why, of all the Beatles, George Harrison’s sound is the hardest to duplicate.

This documentary explores a question for the ages: Do communists have better sex?

Sam Yagan, CEO of Match, explains to The Atlantic why online dating leads not only to more couplings, but better ones:

Relationships that start online are much more heterogeneous than those that start offline by the simple nature of the fact that the people near you are more similar to you than the people who span a broader geography. So I think it gives you much better selection, not just more selection.

Instead of posing with tigers or children in Africa or other women, men on Tinder are currently posing with the best in contemporary and historical art. The Tinder Guys Posing with Art Tumblr proves a valid point: if you don’t have an exciting personality of your own, you can at least pose with the work of someone who did.

Here are ten bar bets you can always win. (But, let’s be honest, why are you bringing matches, paper, thumb tacks, and a small stool to a bar?)