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For some reason, this man took maternity photos when his wife decided not to. There were the predictably awesomely awkward poses like the classic hand on the belly, covering boobs in black and white, and satiating cravings of ice cream in underwear.

Here’s an in-depth look at how to have sex with your iPad, sort of.

Really stoned people wrote an edit about the origins of Amelia Bedelia on the character’s Wiki page and people believed it. E. J. Dickson explains:

“We knew nothing about Amelia Bedelia or the author of the series, Peggy Parish, let alone that she’d been a maid in Cameroon or collected many hats. It was the kind of ridiculous, vaguely humorous prank stoned college students pull, without any expectation that anyone would ever take it seriously.”

Cosmo sex tips aren’t just terrible for heterosexual couples, they’re terrible for everyone. Also breaking news, water is wet.

And here’s Monty Python doing what Monty Python does best.