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As street artist Mark Samsonovich learned, when your art goes viral, all creative intent and image quality is lost.

Bring on the Lesbian Until Graduation stereotypes. The Cut interviewed straight-ish people about that time they were gay in college.

Check out Banksy’s latest mural in Bristol — it’s a take on The Girl with the Pearl Earring. Only this time her jewelry comes in a nice ADT security system package.

In the New York Times’ debate room this week is the question of sex as a legal need. Do we really have to shoehorn everyone into a female or male box upon birth? Some argue that binary sex markers leave the government to assign identity, while a linguist argues that changing the law might be easy, but language is a slower boil.

If you haven’t reached your daily rage headache  quota yet today, this video of a NYPD officer arresting a busker on a subway platform should do the trick.

Before Timothy Leary and the resurgence of MAPS, old Hollywood stars like Cary Grant were among the first to champion the medical benefits of LSD.

Naomi Kizhner, an Israeli graduate student, has designed jewelry that uses the wearer’s movement and blood flow to harness electrical power. The project, which is not for the squeamish, calls into question just how far we will go to feed our energy addiction.