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Photographer Philipp Schmitt studies the ghosts of photographs taken within his compelling work. Using geo-tagged photos and long-exposure photography, he recreates pictures of spaces we visit, from every angle we take photos from.

If an estimated 21% of Americans have a tattoo, how many would turn back time and remove that hibiscus flower from their left arm? How many people actually regret their tattoos?

What’s life like for the only female photojournalist in Gaza? VICE sat down with photographer Eman Mohammed:

​After working for a year and a half, I started attracting the wrong attention. People would say to my boss: “How could you hire a girl, she’s wearing jeans and look how she holds her camera.” People criticized everything I did—even how I moved. 

The Atlantic explores the odd rise of “spirit animal” as a lazy rhetorical device, because you know fair well that whiskey, hippos, and cream cheese are not your spirit animal.

Introducing Pillow Talk — a wearable that transmits your heartbeat into a speaker in a pillow. And it’s not the only weird invention that’s spawned from our ever growing distance from loved ones. Here’s what’s up with heartbeat sharing tech.

Pico Ayer argues that the next time you’re feeling restless you should go nowhere. From Gandhi to Emily Dickinson, some of the greatest minds in history knew how to do nothing.

Brave naked protestors bare all in Mexico.

And here’s the trailer for the new season of the ridiculously smart web series High Maintenance: