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John David Glaude, who has tracked his 160-pound weight loss online, reveals his biggest insecurity: loose skin.

There’s a guide to the 250 subterranean art installations in New York City. Because next to that inebriated dude on the F train is also a ceramic mosaic and LED installation worth checking out.

Founding member of the Sugar Hill Gang, Henry ‘Big Bank Hank’ Jackson died yesterday after battling cancer. He’s responsible for the first ever hip hop hit.

This is the story of Wikipedia’s greatest anonymous sex illustrator, who’s inspired by airplane safety manuals. He’s mighty prolific and almost impossible to track down.

Writers: Literary Lives in Focus was just published this fall. It’s a collection of some of the greatest portraits ever taken of magnificent writers of the 20th century. Here’s Nabokov catching butterflies. Here’s William Faulkner with his puppies.

In what might be one of the most compelling look-backs this month, Hanna Rosin interviews Stephen Glass, the ex-The New Republic reporter who fabricated almost his entire life’s work:

“It turned out that Steve had been making up characters, scenes, events, whole stories from first word to last. He made up some funny stuff—a convention of Monica Lewinsky memorabilia—and also some really awful stuff: racist cab drivers, sexist Republicans, desperate poor people calling in to a psychic hotline, career-damaging quotes about politicians.”

Why do female orgasms exist? A new study finds that it might have a lot to do with partner selection, but we’re not sure we buy that women only come for men with large incomes.

Allen Hemberger spent five years recreating every dish from one of the world’s best restaurants, Alinea, which specializes in molecular gastronomy.