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For the past two years, Denver-based photographer Benjamin Rasmussen has been ahead of the curve, planting down in the center of grow-houses and dispensaries and documenting the burgeoning legalization of marijuana in the United States. His formidable collection can now be found on Offset.

The new couples app Passionly is suggesting that you schedule sex. Call it foreplay for micromanagers, but some swear by it.

Zaron Burnett III provides a gentleman’s guide to street harassment, a carefully-worded means to update the social code for men. He begins his essay with a fascinating metaphor:

“Guys, I’d like you to imagine a single drop of water, clinging to the lip of a faucet. It falls. Plink. It’s just a second in time, a natural moment playing out. Now imagine tying someone to a chair, positioning them under that same faucet, and watching as an endless stream of drops fall against their forehead—some would call that repetition torture. Something as simple as a drop of water can be cruel. Keep that in mind as you consider what it must be like to be harassed on the street.”

Through November 14th, Magnum Photo is hosting an Archive Dive sale in which their staff of expert photographers publish previously undeveloped photographs, including a magnificent shot of Muhammad Ali training. Enjoy these lost bits of history while you can.

Who wrote the worst sex scene of 2014? Here are the contending passages in the Literary Review Bad Sex in Fiction award — the one award nobody actually really wants to win.

Looking at art might be the most unguarded thing we do in public.

Artist Austin Light removed one letter from famous movie titles and then illustrated that idea. Jurassic Par takes the cake.