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Bizarrely, here is the entire town of Twin Peaks sculpted into clay.

Introducing “Cumming or Drumming?”, the only game where “Kashmir” could be mistaken for Deep Throat. Choose wisely.

Today, feminist writer Roxane Gay launches The Butter, a whatever-you-want-it-to-be spin-off of The Toast.

Greg Muender, a Lyft driver, reveals what really happens in the backseat after 1,000 cash-making, weird trips:

“The ride that stands out in my head is a very tall (over 6 feet 6 inches) drag queen and his talent manager. They were headed off to a show in the Castro. Given that I Lyft in San Francisco, I suppose this was kind of inevitable! There was also once a group participating in a scavenger hunt that required the five of them to be in a photo with a Lyft driver. They piled in my car, snapped a photo, and they were off to the next objective. They did give me $20 for my 30 seconds of time, so it was perhaps my most lucrative Lyft ever!”

What you might not have known about Elvis Presley’s death.

Here is a complete list of true one-hit wonders — artists who made it all the way to #1 on the Billboard charts and were never heard from ever again. Remember Crazy Town? Dexy’s Midnight Runners?

Colin Pantall laments the existence of everyday, drab images in what he calls “photographic muzak:”

“That’s the visible photographic culture that we live in and it’s terrible. It’s everywhere and it has its own festivals, celebrations and manufactured happenings. Its blandness is offensive in the extreme. It’s more than offensive. It has an effect on us all because it is so ubiquitous. We cannot escape it. It’s Stepford photography that serves the needs of consumption. It kills emotion, opinions and social values. It’s normal.”

Take a Google Map tour of famous British author’s homes.