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In a world of limitless texts, ideograms, and pictograms, it made sense that the emoji —  Smiling Pile of Poo, Praying Hands, Smiling Face with Heart-Shaped Eyes — would emerge as one of the foremost languages used on social media. This is the story of the emoji’s rapid evolution.

Appropriately enough, “vape” has been named the word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries. It beat out bae and normcore, so at least we have our priorities straight.

Writer Ali Drucker explains the gut-wrenching realization she had about her newfound pattern of casual sex:

“To everyone outside looking in, I was naive, certainly, but still the embodiment of the empowered woman, capable of using a man for sex just as deliberately as he was using me. A generation of young women has been led to believe that casual sex can turn into a meaningful relationship. That Cinderella can slip off more than a slipper on the first date and Prince Charming won’t suffer from that unmistakable wanderlust that sends men to the next bar, to the next girl. But when sex is just a text message away, there is an entire city at your fingertips.”

The long, ethically-fraught history of the most derided and despised medical tool in the world: the speculum.

Earlier this month, artist Ryder Ripps was asked to be an artist in residence for one night at the Ace Hotel, which would provide a free room for the night and $50 in art supplies. Naturally, Ripps decided to hire a male and female sex worker off of Craigslist Casual Encounter section and ask them to draw whatever they wished using crayons and poster board. The result, entitled ARTWHORE, was called “unthinking,” “unethical,” and “dull” by the art world. Ripps spoke to HyperAllergic about the follies of lazily implicating sex work in your art.

Here is the Impossible Bike, the world’s first folding electric bike that can fit in a backpack.