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Watch in awe as art partners and couple Tim Noble and Sue Webster paint nude portraits of themselves with their feet.

Photographer Brittany M. Powell took 99 portraits of Americans in debt post-2008, for a collective portrait of our economic crisis.

If you are confused while listening to Serial, (it’s okay to admit you’ve been confused while listening to Serial), Vox has a handy guide to every character introduced so far.

All vinyl hoarders have one characteristic in common — an overactive, overzealous memory that can scan through the thousands of stacks and come up with “the one I was afraid of as a kid” or “the one that changed James Brown’s career.” It’s a fascinating thing. That’s why Eilon Paz’s project Dust & Grooves explores the lives of some of the world’s most ambitious vinyl collectors. His photographs and interviews reveal a world of obsession, limited space, and constant cataloging.

A new study finds the modern day work day no longer actually takes place at work. I did not type this sentence from bed.

Slim Twig, the stage name of Toronto-born musician Max Turnbull, has been compared to some musical heavyweights including Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and Scott Walker. With the re-release of his 2012 album A Hound at the Hem, we’e taking the comparisons under advisement.

How do TV shows get away with showing people smoking weed? It involves cotton balls and catnip.

The New York Times compiled the 50 best Thanksgiving recipes from every state, just to show you up and your canned cranberry sauce up.