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Carrie Mantha, who experienced 15 minutes of Twitter fame last week after live-tweeting a guy on a rotten Tinder date, warns us about the harm of dosing journalists. Yes, she means you, Uber.

A man who has dubbed himself “The Porn Dude” has fashioned a Digg Reader for porn. For those who want the highly curated, well-rounded, blow job-to-hentai porn experience.

Is the fart joke ancient? The Atlantic looks into the appeal of tasteless, scatalogical humor:

“The scatological, the stuff of defecation and hairy privates, has an extremely long, if not an extremely proud, history. It’s turds all the way down, basically, and that’s especially true when it comes to humor. Approximately 65 percent of Shakespeare’s poetry features phallic puns. Centuries ago, the Japanese scroll 屁合戦, or He-Gassen—translation: “The Fart War”—concerned itself with, as its name suggests, comically weaponized flatulence. The topic of the world’s oldest joke, dating from 1900 BC? Yep: farts.”

 PHADE of the legendary Shirt Kings graffiti artists explains what it was like to first have that airbrush in his hand:

Mike Nichols, legendary director of The Graduate and ultimate showbiz insider, has passed away. Here are some of the most incendiary performances he drew out of actors like Dustin Hoffman, Elizabeth Taylor, and Meryl Streep.

Artist Molly Crabapple depicts through stop-motion paintings how the events in Ferguson reveal a lot more about American police than we could ever expect.