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How did the artistic nude become the most massively represented art form on forum sites? Is it ever exploitative? DeviantArt weighs in.

If you were one sigh among the collective while reading news of rape allegations against Bill Cosby this week, you must read Rebecca Traister’s argument for why we swept it under the rug for so long:

“To have really dealt with the possibility that this extremely rich man […] might have drugged and raped more than a dozen women would have made our heads pop off. It would have made us question every single good, reassuring, optimistic thing that Bill Cosby ever made us think about ourselves and our country. It might have made us rethink the way he had held up wealthy people as model feminists, and about exactly how screwed up it was that that his progressive cheerful vision of post-racial America had never addressed the structural realities faced by non-wealthy people.”

Soviet convicts developed their own language through their tattoos during the Communist era. Churches indicated thieves, a snake implied you had a drug addiction. Photographer Arkady Bronnikov took over 900 tattoo portraits — and helped solve some lingering cases with his unique shots.

Was Sally Horner, an 11 year-old girl kidnapped in 1948, the true inspiration for Nabokov’s Lolita? Sarah Wieman investigates how the thrilling true crime story was forgotten to history and overlooked by Nabokov scholars.

The most futuristic bar on the open seas has a robot bartender.

What can a password reveal about our personal ethos? Our childhood fears, lost loves, and secret desires.

Three things must be done to accurately store a long term memory: it must be encoded, it must be properly stored, and it must be retrievable. Science can explain why eye witness testimonies are so goddamned variable.

If you consider Tinder the digital singles bar, first lines and impressions are paramount. Writer Meredith Haggerty went inside the outrageous, slightly hilarious, and definitely offensive underworld of Tinder pick-up forums for men. Because not every “Do you like to draw? Because I put the d in raw” is an original.